Beachbody 21 Day Fix

Publié le 20 Novembre 2016

It is owned by Beachbody 21 Day Fix, the maker of Madness, and FocusT25 P90X. With professional trainers is different Beachbody, Following'any of the exercise programs Certainly will lose pounds in a matter of weeks. Beachbody training includes health programs, food and nutritional supplements in your group. Adults or children will love to shake meal replacement, What They call Shakeology, are Given the delicious and healthy.

Recently, the published Beachbody workout Their Last created by a professional trainer "Calabrese Autumn." The program 21 day fix is an extensive training program is accompagné by a full level and weight loss. The best thing about this feature Is That It Does not require Any counting, qui means clustering you won't-have to worry about carbs and calories and the fat contented That Is Consumed in this plan.

In --other words, there is no estimate of how much you-have Consumed in this plan. In the diet plan, and prohibits any food, Either. The wonderful thing Is That this map includes only the weight loss of 15 pounds per day 21. Is not it great?

What is included in the 21-day training program reform?

21 Day Fix is ​​a comprehensive training program. There are three kinds of packages: a challenge, the package and finally the basic package.


The 21-day pack is the cheapest Among the varieties. Includes a shaker cup, six DVDs, as well as six food storage containers. Beachbody aussi includes four free bonus gifts in this plan. When purchasing'any of the three varieties, you will-have the right to get dirty 30 training subsidy, quick guide solution for 3 days, 21 days Fix the plan and Beachbody 24/7 support and customers over the Internet.


HAS Challenge package all the items That are included in the basic 21-day reform package. The offer includes 30 days of Shakeology in the Desired flavor. Actually Shakeology comes in a meal plan so it really is a good choice to-have both, you can aussi enjoy a healthy meal and delicious drinks. Shakeology est aussi the best alternative for snacks.

Eventually it will PACK

Ultimate Package includes everything in the basics of 21 days to fix. It aussi includes two additional training programs, resistance band, a wide container ready for pregnancy, isolated food bag to put on work and ride. Additional training programs are Legs Bar and Reform Flat Abs. This additional training can be used in addition to the six exercises included in the Strengthening intensity level in all parts of your diet. This program is in the extreme and so is the price.

What can you expect from'any of the 21 reform programs?

As name implies, in 21 day fix, and you will lose weight around 15 pounds, as long as you follow the map Regardless of what you choose. Containers are Very useful. And included in all programs to teach is generated Appropriate size of the portion of food consumption.

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